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Category: News/Politics
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WAL is a blog and podcast that analyzes all of the recent news from a libertarian perspective with all of the irreverence modern politics deserves. Join your hosts Chris Spangle, Creighton Harrington, and Chris Gault each week for a new show!

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Podcast Episode's:
It All Started in ’96
In 1996 the best and brightest presidential candidate for the Republican party was Senator Bob Dole. As Dole emerged as the best hope against the second reign of the evil Clinton empire, I remember watching his campaign stops and speeches. I was several years out of college and had strongly identified as a conservative due to the messages of smaller government and more individual freedoms...

Spangle on Al and Frank Try to Be Serious: Entertainment in Politics, Offense & Media
Chris Spangle joins Al Jackson and Frank Caliendo on Al and Frank Try To Be Serious once again to discuss new media’s role in keeping people informed as major news outlets have turned into entertainment outlets. “In continuation of last week’s podcast, Al & Frank along with guest Chris Spangle, host of the We Are Libertarians podcast, discuss the two-party system, how […]

BNS 79: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Arvin Vohra on Past Controversies, Messaging, and Recruitment
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/arvin-vohraWelcome back, folks! For those of you new listeners joining us, thanks for taking some time to listen to today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Today’s episode sticks true to one of the main principles we maintain here at The Brian Nichols Show- talking to people we don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with and trying […]

BHOL 125: Councilman Clay Returns! – Tax Increases or Bankrupt?
https://bosshog.fireside.fm/139Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Mason Rottinghaus is third chair before he heads back to Purdue. Councilman Clay Morgan is back! bosshog.fireside.fm/139 Jeremiah’s in laws have moved to Henry County. Mason helped them move…Is that intern abuse?Councilman Clay breaks down the county budget, will they raise our taxes? If they do, will […]

WAL 364: The Death of Jeffrey Epstein
Chris Spangle and Harry Price outline the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Was it suicide? Was it a conspiracy? Time Stamps Epstein Conspiracies – [00:20:21] Who is Epstein? – [00:50:19] Epstein’s Legal Issues – [01:02:15] Epstein’s Death – [01:14:41] Show Notes wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/JeffreyEpstein.pdf Jason Stapleton episode on Epstein Death: jasonstapleton.com/993-jason-debunks-jeffrey-epstein-conspiracy/ The Convenient Death of Jeffrey Epstein – […]

Those Crazy Libertarians – WAL Reader Issue 1
I hear it a lot, being a Libertarian running for office: those Libertarians and their "crazy" ideas. Letting people choose to live their lives as they see fit, not as the government forces them to? How would we all survive? How would that work? Isn’t that something that only works in small widespread farm communities?

Chris Spangle Show – 22: What Causes Someone to Become a Mass Shooter?
Chris Spangle examines the commonalities of mass shooters. Subscribe to the Chris Spangle Show here: chrisspangleshow.fireside.fm/ Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/El-Paso_Dayton-.pdf Continue Reading…

BHOL 124: Mooreland Free Fair – TANSTAAFL?
https://bosshog.fireside.fm/138Boss Hog of Liberty live at the Mooreland Free Fair! Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Mason Rottinghaus completes his internship! bosshog.fireside.fm/138 Friday night at the fair. Lots of distractions, ambient noise, and interruptions! We talk about the concept of “TANSTAAFL” at the “Free Fair”. Jeremiah had a fun meetup with Rex Bell, […]

BNS 78: Bernie Sanders on The Joe Rogan Experience- ANALYSIS with Max Gulker from AIER
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/bernie-sanders-on-joe-roganDid you catch Bernie Sanders’ appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience? No? Well, don’t you worry, Max Gulker and I suffered through it and are here to give you a breakdown of the most important segments so you don’t have to! Listen as Max and I discuss Bernie’s takes on the minimum wage, corporate tax […]

Spangle on Al and Frank Try to Be Serious: A Thoughtful Discussion On Gun Violence
Al Jackson and Frank Caliendo are joined by Chris Spangle (@ChrisSpangle), host of the We Are Libertarians Podcast (www.WeAreLibertarians.com) for an open discussion about gun violence in America in light of recent events in El Paso, TX & Dayton, OH. Chris will also be in next weeks episode discussing libertarianism, so subscribe here: www.alandfranktrytobeserious.com. Continue […]

Spangle on Lions of Liberty: Libertarian Podcasters in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor Talking Podcast Secrets
In today’s flagship Lions of Liberty, Marc cracks open the ‘ol Liberty Liquor Cabinet for a special edition of “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor” along with two of his favorite libertarian podcasters – Johnny Adams of “Blast Off! w/ Johnny Rocket and Raylene Lightheart” and Chris Spangle of “We Are Libertarians!”  The three liberty […]

WAL 363: Quitting Opioids, Shootings in El Paso and Dayton
Chris Spangle, Harry Price, Tanner Perdew, and Kyle Orr talk about Tanner’s struggle with addiction. He discusses why he was hooked and how he became sober. We discuss the details of the El Paso and Dayton shootings. Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/El-Paso_Dayton-.pdf Time Stamps: Opioids – Shooting Overview – El Paso Details – Dayton Details – Protecting […]

LPP: AOC Vs. Libertarianism
https://libertarianpolitics.fireside.fm/2Rhinehold attempts to explain how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is completely wrong on what Libertarians believe about immigration and most likely a couple of other areas. Links: LP Platform www.lp.org Previous LP Platforms lpedia.org/National_Platform Support Libertarian Politics and Policy Continue Reading…

I was convinced that Trump's total cave on the longest federal shutdown in history was a mortal wound to Trump. If he had kept the shutdown going indefinitely or until congress finally surrendered border wall funding to him, I was fully convinced that the 2020 race was his to lose. I was equally certain that if he was the one to blink first, that the tables would flip, and his reelection would be nearly impossible against any but a few of the DNC's contenders...

YouTube Star Carey Wedler
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/6On this episode, Tricia interviews former “Obama Girl” turned liberty activist, Carey Wedler. They talk about her journey from being a liberal to a full-blown anarchist. Tricia also forces Carey to face her demons in a round of ‘Pick your Poison’. Support GingerArchy with Tricia Stuart Continue Reading…
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Interview with Liberty Legend Dr. Murray Sabrin
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/5On this episode, Tricia interviews liberty activist, author, and economist Dr. Murray Sabrin about his new book, Why The Federal Reserve sucks. They discuss Austrian economics, his political runs and what it was like to rub shoulders with Rothbard himself. Support GingerArchy with Tricia Stuart Continue Reading…

BNS 77: Dismantling the Two-Party System by Changing the Way We Vote with Aaron Hamlin from The Center for Election Science
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/center-for-election-science“My vote just doesn’t matter…” Have you heard this before? Or perhaps have you caught yourself saying that exact same phrase? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As a mater of fact, I’ve said as much myself. With the “choose-one” voting system, many voters feel that their votes simply don’t matter in today’s electoral system. That’s […]

BHOL 123: CAN government “SAVE” the Theater? Should it be saved?
https://bosshog.fireside.fm/137Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Chris Guffey makes it all sound great! bosshog.fireside.fm/137 The City of New Castle has put in a bid on the Castle Theatre. The guys talk about the prospects of a government entity getting in the real estate business. Is this the only way to “save” a building? […]

BNS 76: Finding Happiness in the Least Likely of Places with Tim Preuss
Are you happy? Or are things so chaotic in our world that you find it difficult to take joy in the things you use to take joy in? Are you looking for happiness in the right places? All those questions and more get tackled in today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, as I am […]

BHOL 122: Wind is DEAD? McAfee Arrested – Trump Trolls Hard
Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Kade Koger plays co-host; Mason Rottinghaus is your intern, Chris Guffey does his best as producer. First show back in studio after the remote episode for the County Fair. We talk John McAfee’s strange arrest at sea, Jeremiah’s government sewer saga, and the big report on the […]

WAL 362: Protests in Puerto Rico and Hong Kong
Chris Spangle and Harry Price cover Spangle’s first trip to Canada, the protests in Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, and the growing threats to freedom by China. Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Hong-KongPRBoris_Bernie.pdf Puerto Rico – Hong Kong – Continue Reading…

Issue II of WAL Reader Now Available!
First, I want to say thank you to everyone who read (and especially those who purchased) Issue I of WAL Reader. I truly hoped all of you enjoyed it and/or learned something valuable from it – I know that everyone who contributed to the inaugural issue put a lot of work into it. Secondly, of course, I want to thank all of you who are now reading the second issue (and again, a special thank you to those of you who purchased it in one form or another). I am extremely proud to be putting out the magazine you're now holding or looking at on a screen. While I think the first issue was a great success, I believe this second issue has raised the bar.

WAL 361: The Swamp Explained – End The Homeland Security Department? AOC vs. Trump
“The Swamp, Explained” series, Chris Spangle and Rob Quartel go in-depth on how Washington works. In this episode, they discuss ending the Department of Homeland Security and Trump’s fight with the “Squad.” Check out Rob’s resume here: www.linkedin.com/in/rob-quartel-5291553/ Have questions for Rob? Email us – editor@wearelibertarians.com Continue Reading…

2020 Presidential Debate Series: The Environment
Listen in as candidates Max Abramson (new candidate!), Arvin Vohra, Benjamin Leder. and Daniel Behrman discusses climate change, oil drilling, pipelines, fracking, subsidies, emission offsets, car registration, agricultural impact, and more. Continue Reading…

GingerArchy: Live interview with entrepreneur extraordinaire Luis Fernando Borges Mises
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/2On this episode, Tricia interviews the founder of Emancipated Human, Luis Fernando Borges Mises. Luis has an interesting background as a self-made man. Luis also talks about being a Shaman and an anarchist. Continue Reading…

LPP: Elaine Joan – Recruiting Justin Amash
https://libertarianpolitics.fireside.fm/1Libertarian recruiter Elaine Joan talks about her journey in recruiting Justin Amash, who left the GOP on July 4th, 2019. Learn about his voting record, his appeal, his ability to be a maverick, and his decisions. Then find out if joining the Libertarian Party and/or running for president is in his cards, which are always […]

2020 Presidential Debate Series: The Environment
https://libertariandebates.fireside.fm/1Listen in as candidates Max Abramson (new candidate!), Arvin Vohra, Benjamin Leder. and Daniel Behrman discusses climate change, oil drilling, pipelines, fracking, subsidies, emission offsets, car registration, agricultural impact, and more. Continue Reading…

Episode 4: Live Q and A with Mises Caucus founder Michael Heise
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/4Tricia interviews Michael Heise about the Mises caucus and the new PAC. They talk about the future of the LPMC and Heise addresses rumors that he is out to take the LP chair down in a flames. Continue Reading…

Episode 3: Interview with foreign policy guru Scott Horton
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/3Tricia interviews Scott about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Scott gives a great play by play of the actors and explains the US role in this proxy war. Continue Reading…

GingerArchy: Live “get to know you” with the phenomenal Mike and Cynthia Maharrey
https://gingerarchy.fireside.fm/1On this episode, Tricia does a live interview with Mike Maharrey, communications director of Tenth Amendment Center. They chat about how mike is being sued by The City of Lexington.His wife, Cynthia Maharrey is an award-winning genealogist and we learn a little about her experiences in the field. They also play a highly professional and […]

BNS 74: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership with Caleb Shumate
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/a-disabled-libertarians-case-for-gun-ownershipMan, I sure missed you all last week while I was on vacation! But thankfully, we’re back on track with our regularly scheduled programming, as this week I am joined by Caleb Shumate! Caleb is a passionate advocate for liberty and storyteller with a deep appreciation of history. Today he joins the show to discuss […]

BHOL 120: Can Counties be saved? More horrible peppers
https://bosshog.fireside.fm/133Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Chris Guffey is on producer duty. The show explores the idea of counties and what they face. A recent study came out detailing their common struggles around infrastructure, education, housing, and childcare. Deep dive into the subject. Locally there is a surprise new City Council candidate! The […]

WAL 360: The Path to Libertarianism – Answering Miranda’s Questions
Miranda is new to libertarianism and has some questions about politics and philosophy. In this first episode in our new Path to Libertarianism series, Chris Spangle answers Miranda’s questions about running third-party, gerrymandering, age of consent laws, monetary policy without the government, how the environment would be protected in the absence of the EPA, and […]

Chris Spangle Appears on Leaders and Legends Podcast
Chris Spangle and Rob Kendall are political (and romantic) rivals who don’t take themselves too seriously, yet still bring an incredible amount of smarts to what they do. “Leaders and Legends” doesn’t make present-day political discourse a part of its mission—there are plenty of places to find that—but when friends want to have a reasonable […]

Justin Amash Leaves GOP, Sets Stage for Potential LP POTUS Run
On America’s 243rd anniversary of declaring independence from the stranglehold of King George, Michigan Congressman Justin Amash declared freedom from the stranglehold of the two-party system in this morning’s Washington Post. “Today, I am declaring my independence and leaving the Republican Party. No matter your circumstance, I’m asking you to join me in rejecting the […]

WAL 2020 Presidential Candidate Series: Meet Max Abramson
A new Libertarian Presidential candidate joins the circuit! Find our about the state representative from New Hampshire as he discusses reuniting the family, debt, and how to get small business owners to cross the aisle into voting for a libertarian! Continue Reading…

WAL 359: Border Update, What Constitutional Rights Do Immigrants Have?
Chris Spangle, Harry Price, Rhinehold, Paul Copeland and Hodey Johns discuss the deteriorating conditions at the southern border. While immigration is a factor, our discussion is on the rights of prisoners. First, we tell you the conditions within the detention facilities. Then we discuss what rights a prisoner of the United States ought to have. […]

WAL Daily 100: Hodey Accidentally Trolls the LP By Helping It
Chris Spangle, Harry Price, Rhinehold, Paul Copeland and Hodey Johns discuss getting dragged into a discussion between the LP and their Presidential candidates. We celebrate the 100th and final Daily. It will be re-branded and moved to a different feed. Debates: wearelibertarians.com/category/podcasts/debates/ Continue Reading…

WAL Daily 99: Remso Martinez on the the Border Crisis
Chris Spangle and Remso Martinez discussing loving libertarianism while disliking the libertarian movement and the crisis at the border. Support Remso’s book project: www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-book-launch Continue Reading…

WAL 2020 Presidential Candidates Debate Series: The Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice Debate. Tune in to Arvin Vohra, Ben Leder, and Daniel Behrman as they discuss incarceration, recidivism, body cameras, mandatory minimums, voting rights, private prisons, overcrowding, juvenile detention, the drug war, and more. Continue Reading…

WAL Daily 98: Trump’s Chances in 2020
Chris Spangle recently appeared on Rob Kendall’s radio show with Leaders and Legends podcast host Robert Vane to discuss Donald Trump’s 2020 chances. Continue Reading…

BHOL 118: Democrat Debates Start – Who can beat Trump? – Mark Brim
https://bosshog.fireside.fm/131Episode 118 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!Sponsored by Farmer Brad LLC – producer of fine poultry products and poultry equipment! Go to www.farmerbrad.com/bosshog – use promo code “bosshog” for $3 off!bosshog.fireside.fm/131 Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are your hosts. Mark Brim returns to help us break down the Democrat debates, we talk […]

BNS 73: Students for Liberty with Dr. Wolf von Laer
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/students-for-libertyWelcome to The Brian Nichols Show! If this is your first time joining us here at The Brian Nichols Show, thank you so much for taking half an hour of your day as you join us on our journey of learning and spreading liberty! Today is no exception, as I am joined by the CEO […]

WAL 358: Is California a Third-World Country?
Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Rhinehold discuss Spangle’s recent visit to Los Angeles, California, and the shocking state of that city. Show Links The Patdown – mspatcomedy.com/podcast The Libertarian Aurora – libertarianaurora.com Thomas Sowell on the Housing Boom and Bust – youtu.be/5GoAGuTIbVY Welcome to Skid Row 2017: Shocking scale of homelessness in downtown LA is […]

WAL Daily 97: Hitting Your Goals
Dale’s taking a break, sadness ensues! Hodey sends him out in style as they discuss hitting your goals, good ones and bad ones to have, and how being a goal-oriented person can help you “win” the game of life. Continue Reading…

What is Happening At the Border?
A congresswoman recently brought the public’s attention back to migrant camps on the southern border by calling them concentration camps. While Merriam-Webster would agree with her definition, it read like hyperbole. Everything seems to be hyperbole in 2019, so it is hard to know what matters anymore. Like every other issue in the news, we’ve descended […]

WAL Daily 96: Free Market Environmentalism with Michael Jimerson
Michael Jimerson joins the show and shares his views on capitalism, green agorism, and the future of environmentalism. Listen to his inspiration behind the passion, how government interference makes the environment worse, and how free markets can save the day. Continue Reading…

WAL Daily 95: Single-Minded Focus
There’s nothing wrong with multi-tasking. But there’s no work quite like the work you’ll do when you’ve given it every ounce of energy. Listen in as they discuss how cooking, race car driving, and term papers can all teach us about focusing. Continue Reading…

BNS 72: A Conversation with Congressman Justin Amash
https://briannichols.fireside.fm/justin-amashWelcome to The Brian Nichols Show! For you first time listeners, I am your humble host, Brian Nichols, and here at The Brian Nichols Show, our goal is to educate, enlighten, and inform. Today is no exception, as I am joined by Congressman Justin Amash. Congressman Amash has been making headlines as of late, with […]

WAL 2020 Presidential Candidate Debate Series: Social Issues
Join Arvin Vohra, Benjamin Leder, Christopher Marks, Daniel Behrman, and Kim Ruff as they discuss abortion, gay/traditional marriage, planned parenthood, adoption rights, gender identity, birth control, religious freedom, capital punishment, euthanasia, the separation of church and state, safe spaces, and more. Continue Reading…

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