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Category: TV/Film
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We discuss horror film franchises and their importance to the horror genre.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Episode 54: ONE NIGHT STAND - Absentia
Have you ever had some creepy place near your house that you were always weary of after dark? There's probably a preying mantis creature living in the walls of the place and stealing souls. Join the reunited Ron, Hammer and Morty as they review the 2011 movie Absentia and talk about Kickstarter, banging pregnant ladies, frumpy clothing, quality filmmaking techniques, sacrificing puppies and what it would take for someone to believe this story in real life.
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Episode 53: Psycho Wrap Up Show
It's been a strange trip, but we're ready to check out of the Bates Motel -- if Norman lets us. Join Host Ron Martin as he attempts to explain the importance of the original Psycho, makes Hammer answer ten questions about the Psycho franchise, talks about the strange ways that Alfred Hitchcock kept the surprises in the movie a secret, talks about the dual continuities in the franchise, talks remakes and TV sequel/prequels. Join the Horde -- It's fun!
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Bonus Episode 02: Waxwork Commentary
Hey zombies! We have a special surprise for you! In celebration of the podcast's one year anniversary, welcome to our second Bonus Episode. Hammer makes his triumphant return to the podcast with Ron to provide an alternate commentary to the 1988 film Waxwork starring Zach Galligan and Deborah Foreman. Sit back and watch the movie with us or just enjoy two hours of our ranting. Find out who Zombie 7 really is! Happy Birthday Resurrection of Zombie 7!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 52: Psycho IV: The Beginning
It's time to end things. Norman Bates is a middle aged, middle classed married man about to become a father. Ron and Guest Host Jessica are innocent bystanders to the events of Psycho IV which is a movie that acts as both a prequel and a sequel to the events of the original Psycho. Join us as we discuss weird shaped breasts, trivia about Anthony Perkins life, another actor taking over the role of Norman Bates, death by strychnine, doubles lives and the creepiness of a grown man watching Pretty Little Liars. Join the Horde!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 51: Psycho III
Need a place to rest during those long road trips? Check out the Bates Motel -- now with state of the art ice machine! Join Ron, Morty and Guest Host Tyler as they go one step further than Trip Adviser in telling you what life is like in Fairvale, CA. During this episode they will discuss the inept Fairvale Sheriff's department, sex games at the Bates Motel, Norman Bates having game, Ron's teenage run-ins with the law, Anthony Perkin's performance and the ease at which people break into the Bates' family home.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 50: Pyscho II
We're checking back into the Bates Motel...just 22 years later. Join Ron, Morty and Guest Host Sherry as we find out what state of mind Norman Bates is in after being released from the insane asylum. On this podcast, we'll talk about roosters with socks being sexy, how much of Meg Tilly you can actually see in the movie, the ineptness of the Fairvale Sheriff's department, Ron's exploits at the Classic Motor Inn and the sexy smell of a grilled cheese sandwich! Join the Horde!
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Episode 49: Psycho
There's plenty of vacancies at the Bates Motel where Ron, Morty and special Guest Host Sherry have taken up residency for the night. Things are a little strange here...the guy who runs the place is a bit creepy and his invalid Mother keeps peaking at us through the second story window of the house on the hill. Join us as we talk about the iconic shower scene, Alfred Hitchcock being a perv, the fidgety nature of Norman Bates, the movie's influence on other movies and the definition of a transvestite.
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