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Category: Music
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Hey, musicians! Are you struggling to promote your music on the internet? Do you have a band website, but no traffic? Indie artist and internet wiz Brian Hartzog shares DIY music promotion tips, and tutorials in this music marketing podcast.

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Podcast Episode's:
05 – How to Choose the Best Band Name for Google
Show notes: In Episode 5 of The Internet Musician Podcast, we talk through the first two stages in my 8-step process to create a music website–including how to choose a band name and how to buy a domain name for your band’s website. Towards the end of the episode, we also examine several band names to […]

06 – The Internet Musician – Music Licensing for Indie Artists
Show Notes for Episode 6: Following my recent appearance on the Film and TV Music Licensing Panel at the MidAtlantic Music Conference here in Charlotte, NC, I definitely have music licensing on my mind.  It’s always been a passion of mind…one of those areas of music marketing that I’ve researched exhaustively for years.  It’s also […]
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04 – The Internet Musician – 8 Steps to Create a Music Website
Show Notes for Episode 4: Subscribe to the Internet Musician Podcast with iTunes: As a musician, you need a good website.  You know that. But you really don’t need to spend years trying to understand the technology. You also don’t want to spend tons of time working on your site without knowing if you’re doing things […]

03 – The Internet Musician – Five Things You Must Believe To Go Indie
Show notes for Episode #3: Subscribe to the Internet Musician Podcast with iTunes: Also in this episode, I discuss the five things you must believe cultivate your DIY music attitude, including: 1. The business has been lying to you. Major label artists are not getting rich off of record sales. Radio is fake. Don’t belive […]

02 – The Internet Musician – Music Tools for the Indie Artist/Songwriter
Show notes for Episode #2: Subscribe to the Internet Musician Podcast with iTunes: In this episode, I present “Music Tools for the Indie Artist”, a topic that I recently presented to a local songwriting group.  Specifically, I present the tools and process I use to capture and preserve those moments of musical inspiration–no matter whether they strike […]

01 – The Internet Musician – Podcast Launch and Describing Your Music
Welcome to the first episode of the Internet Musician Podcast! Show notes for Episode #1: Subscribe to the Internet Musician Podcast with iTunes: The first episode of The Internet Musician Podcast, hosted by indie artist and internet music marketing junkie Brian Hartzog (http://www.brianhartzog.net).  In this introductory episode, Brian introduces himself, his indie music credentials and […]
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