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Category: Business
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iCIRANO contains the most recent podcasts on current topics, web events, applications, reality checks, and research Each podcast can be heard directy from our webpage or downloaded. You may also consult documents relevant to the podcast.

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Podcast Episode's:
CAPM, Components of Beta and the Cross Section of Expected Returns
This paper demonstrates that a conditional version of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) explains the cross section of expected returns, just as well as the three factor model of Fama and French.
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Le rapport D'Amours revisité
Claude Castonguay, CIRANO Invited Fellow analyzes the main proposal of the D'Amours report
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The Economic Crisis of 2008+: the Impact on Spain's Public Finances and Federalism
The Economic Crisis of 2008+: The impact on Spain's Public Finances and Federalism. Pr Ruiz-Huerta gives us his point of view and reflections.
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Le Québec économique 2012 : Focus on the income of Quebeckers
Chapter on the incidence of taxes in Quebec in 2007. Results concerning both the impact of taxes and duties and the public expenditure in Quebec, focusing on the redistributive dimension of taxation in Quebec.
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Le Québec économique 2012 : Focus on the income of Quebeckers
Chapter on Wage Subsidy and out of poverty: In order to help disadvantaged people to join the labor market, governments have opted for policies directly affecting the attractiveness of work (wage subsidy).
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Industrial land in Russian cities: finance, investment and re-allocation
Why these are interesting and important issues for Russia? With more secure land rights, firms have greater ability to use land as collateral to secure loans, stronger incentive to invest due to diminished expropriation threat...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Financial Integration in Europe: Evidence from Eastern Europe
Although, we are in the midst of the sovereign debt crisis, financial integration in Europe can be observed. Capital - in its different definitions – flows from richer to poorer countries, or in other terms from low to high-growth countries
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Confidence, aspirations, and the efficiency of educational systems when abilities are imperfectly known
An essential function of educational systems is to sort and select individuals by ability. In a series of experiments, we design a parallel to schooling (in reality) so as study the productive efficiency of various educational systems.
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Today Finance
What have we learned in Finance since the 2008 crisis? What kind of financial advisors do we need today? Should we have new international financial rules? Charles S. Tapiero, Topfer Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Technology Management, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, answers these questions.
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