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Category: Business
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Nicole Dean talks with true internet marketing success stories about how they built their businesses online. It's a podcast for anyone who stands to learn more about how to build a business on the internet and make more money.

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Podcast Episode's:
Inside Optimize Coach with Brian Johnson – Is it for You?
I signed up for a really exciting Coaching Program and I wanted to invite you to join me. I'm making my way through the material and I'm already imagining differently about how I want this year to go. I'd been thinking about signing up for awhile, but it wasn't the right time for me… yet. […]
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

You can’t calm the storm. You can only calm yourself.
I'm sitting on my couch with the french doors open, getting some much needed fresh air. The dogs are both laying by the pool in the sun, smiling. Like I told Ivita today “I'm doing everything in my power to stay sane in what is temporarily an insane world.” I still believe the world is […]

Best Morning Routines for Entrepreneurs who Work from Home.
Last December I went to a Generative Knowledge workshop in Michigan to help to get to know myself better and one of the things I learned was that I CRAVE parameters. Like seriously crave them, BUT I also have to buy into them in order to actually do them. And that, my dears, is the […]

Get Past Your Stuff: 19 Inspiring Stories of Imperfect Women Who Continue to Show Up Powerfully!
Heads up. If you don't like the word “sh*t” this isn't for you. Because it's about getting past the sh(poop) that holds you back. Come back next time. 🙂 If you do want to be inspired to face the hard stuff and do it anyway, keep reading. My friend, Kelly McCausey, wants you to get […]

1000+ Blogging & Email Content Ideas For October
My good friend, Ronnie, sent a great brainstorming list with content ideas for what to blog / share during October – and, because he’s a done-for-you content provider like me, he’s also linked a bunch of content packages that you can use to spark your content creation. Of course, I’ve also added a bit to […]

Exercise for Busy Entrepreneurs. How to Get Off Your Butt (and Move It, Move It) When You Have a Million Things to Do.
Exercise has been shown to be effective in treating both depression and anxiety. It's also been shown to help us think clearer and focus better. It's not just good for the body. It's good for our brains, too! In fact, John J. Ratey, M.D., of “Spark! How Exercise will Improve the Performance of your Brain” […]

Your Blog & Email Content Brainstorming Ideas For August
My good friend, Ronnie, sent a great brainstorming list of ideas for what to blog about during August – and, because he’s a done-for-you content provider like me, he’s also linked a bunch of ideas that you can use to spark your content creation. Of course, I’ve also added a bit to this to give […]

The Power of Communication. (ie. How to keep your customers & clients happy.)
Hey Awesome! It's Nicole from NicoleontheNet.com and ContentDrafts.com and CoachGlue.com and Beachpreneurs.com. I hope you're having a great day! This has been the summer of home maintenance for me. Pool liner replaced. Check. Roof fixed. Check. Trees trimmed and cut prior to hurricane season. Check. A/c breaks in car and at the house and needs […]

Is Fear Holding You Back? Here’s How to Have a Conversation with your Brain.
I look forward every day to talking with my coaching clients. I never know what will come up. Today I sent one of my smart coaching clients this… Yes. Our brains are meant for one purpose. To keep us safe. Anything that makes our bodies feel in danger… EVEN the fear of something completely physically […]

How I Doubled My Profits on a Little Launch in Less Than 5 Minutes.
Hi! I've been telling my readers for the last few days that I would record a quick video sharing how I doubled my profits on a little launch I was working on in just 5 minutes of work. So, grab a drink and get comfy. It's story time…. Once upon a time (aka last week), […]

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