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Category: TV/Film
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facts,fiction,myth, legends about werewolves and vampires

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Podcast Episode's:
Synonyms for the word “werewolf”
Werewolves are not barbarians. But that’s not what the thesaurus says! If you search through the online thesaurus, you might be surprised to discover that it has all kinds of interesting synonyms for the word werewolf. But I guarantee you that there...
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Vampire Deer has giant vampire fangs!
Quick fact: the vampire deer loves to eat lichens (but not lycans)! 😉 The vampire deer is perhaps the most unlikely creature you ever would have expect to see – it is an elegant typical looking deer in every way except when...
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Can werewolves predict earthquakes?
The answer to if werewolves can predict earthquakes is complicated. How in the world might werewolves be able to predict earthquakes you might wonder? Well, the answer is fairly complex and is dependent upon how much of the werewolf is influenced by...
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Silent Night Deadly Night
Everyone has the same dream.  To find hope, and solace, and inspiration in the deep dark silent night of winter.  Everyone wants the  the stars twinkling above, and the cold breeze brushing through their hair while they drink a cup of steaming...
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Too many werewolves at Thanksgiving Dinner?
Thanksgiving is right around the corner – a day everyone looks forward too – but if you’re a werewolf, there are some warnings to heed, and some precautions that you should take. Specifically, what happens during Thanksgiving that can pose a problem,...
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Subscribe to the Podcast! Updated & Upgraded!
Hello Readers! I love werewolves is back at updating the podcasts! As many of you know we have created many podcasts over the years ranging in topics from The Kraken, to Man Eating Plants, to the Christmas Goblin, as well as topics...
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Does being a werewolf mean being really hairy?
First, it’s important to note that not all werewolves are covered in a thick layer of fur or hair all over their bodies.  This is a hollywood myth.  In fact, many werewolves experience transformations with only moderate changes to their hair! So...
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Werewolves in Denmark and the origin of nightmare
This may surprise you about Danish werewolves: 1.  they were all male 2.  they were all created at birth That is according to the traditional  legends in Denmark..but does it still hold true today? According to legends… It is said that virtually...
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where have all the werewolves gone?
Werewolves were so much more prevalent hundreds of years ago… so much so that people worshiped them. People feared them. People told stories about them at night. Some people wanted to be one. Others wanted no part of what they considered a...
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can werewolves in werewolf form talk?
When a werewolf has physically shifted into werewolf form, are they capable of human speech?  This question is quite controversial for humans.  While one would think there would be a simple answer to this question, in truth, it actually depends on the...
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12 Days of Christmas Carol
On the first day of Christmas, ILoveWerewolves sent to me A small goblin chopping down a tree. On the second day of Christmas, ILoveWerewolves sent to me Two vampire birds, and A small goblin chopping down a tree. On the third day of...
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Are you more likely to see werewolves in winter?
Even though werewolves like the cold and maintain a higher internal body temperature than humans, there is no conclusive proof that you are more likely to spot a werewolf during the cold winter months.  Logically, this seems to not be right.  Werewolves...
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To whom it may concern
Thanksgiving is in two weeks. I am worried about being around family and friends.  They make me salivate.  My stomach moans and groans at the thought of a fresh meal walking around the house. Thanksgiving is a time of giving, but all...
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Creatures in the night
It is dark outside.  It is nighttime.  A brilliant full moon shines high in the sky shining so brightly that it lights up the countryside with an eerie blue glow.  Humans can see by this light – this moonlight – if they...
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Plan to eliminate the werewolf
Some of the reasons humans would hunt down a werewolf include for sport and for research. But not all humans can or want to hunt werewolves for sport, it is a very dangerous sport in fact, probably the most dangerous sport around...
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Monster Rodents are Real – The Capybara
Imagine if you will a gigantic rat bigger than your dog or cat. Sound like something you don’t believe in? (like werewolves?)  Well, there are rodents that are so big, you’ll think it was CGI or photoshop.  Rodents so big, they would...
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How long can a Vampire survive without blood
Survival of the fittest, or oldest? The question is how long can a Vampire survive without blood? It varies from vampire to vampire. Generally older vampires can go longer periods of time not having to feed on blood; if we look at...
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Man eating trees
It’s like a tale out of a horror movie – a man-eating tree living in the deepest, darkest part of the jungle grabs its prey and eats it.  Locals, in fear of their lives and in fear of the horrific monster plant...
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neighbor might be a Vampire
I suspect the neighbor is a Vampire. She is constantly out during the night doing things that are usually done during the daytime. She randomly stands in her yard at 3am, she sits on her porch at 3am! Everything at 3am! How...
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Do werewolves like the cold?
Yes! In fact, most werewolves are naturally very warm, so the cold does not bother them that much. If you touch a werewolf in human form, they will feel warmer to the touch than you would expect a human to feel. In werewolf...
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Is the Christmas Goblin a Werewolf?
If you first hear the story of the legend of the Christmas Goblin, you probably will think it an interesting story, but would never think twice about it being related to werewolves. Interestingly though, there are some that believe that there is...
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Zombies from outer space AKA Alien zombies!!
Beware of the Alien Zombie-bot ATTACK! Humans think one of the most awful things that can come from outer space are aliens, I beg to differ! The most dangerous, most gruesome, ugliest thing you ever will see from space is an alien...
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Is the Royal Family descended from a werewolf?
One of the ancestors of the current royal family of England could have been a werewolf?  So they would like to believe!  But it’s not quite true.  The ancestor in question was King George III (aka Mad King George) who reigned as...
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definition of werewolf
What makes you a werewolf? Transforming?  A mental shift?  A physical shift?  Growing hair?  Howling?  Feeling the pull of the moon?  Simply calling yourself a werewolf? The simplest and most common definition of a werewolf is that of a person that transforms...
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werewolf facts
The werewolf is frequently stereotyped to an image that the creature may or may not be, but some of these werewolf characteristics or stories may stem from histories that were actually true. There is probably no absolute way to tell if the...
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werewolf romance
Once a werewolf has found love, how do you take the love, and make the werewolf romance last when there are so many things in the human world conspiring to keep you apart?  The answer depends alot upon whether or not your...
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Aswang Philippines Werewolf?
In the Philippines, a legendary creature similar to the werewolf is said to inhabit the country. The creature, called the “Aswang“, is not so much a werewolf, as a vampire-werewolf crossbreed. Some of the commonalities it has with the werewolf, include it’s...
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Yesterday I mentioned the Canadian stamps that Canada created honoring the werewolf, ogopogo, bigfoot, and kraken. What is the kraken and does the kraken really exist? The kraken is a legendary sea creature said to be controlled by Poseidon, the Greek god...
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Half Man Half Wolf
Two halves completely different.  Wolf and human.  But humans have known for a very long time.  Humans have been drawing werewolves for thousands of years. If you’re not familiar with ancient Egyptian art, take another look.  The egyptians had a strong belief...
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werewolves online
There is always alot of controversy as to whether or not you’d find werewolves online. Many humans see werewolves as antiquated creatures that should be cowering in a forest somewhere instead of online as connected as the rest of humans. There is...
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how to change
Just as humans can drop old habits and seek new beginnings for the new year so can you… This is the time to sort and discard our enemies without creating new ones. Mend broken friendships, and gain new ones. What we seek...
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Werewolves and Christmas
Do werewolves celebrate Christmas? Werewolves have a human side to them, and do not lose that when they find out they are werewolves.  Many still celebrate the holidays and traditions they grew up on when they were humans.  If when they were...
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Size of werewolf population in the world
The werewolf population in the world is extremely small when you compare it to other species on the planet.  Even vampires outnumber werewolves by a good amount.  If werewolves are so powerful, why is there such a disparity in the population size...
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Vampires Kiss
It is amazing the extent to which humans have romantacized vampires and isolated werewolves as the meaner of the two creatures. Take for example the term “Vampires Kiss“. This is a very popular expression that refers to the bite the vampire takes...
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werewolves music
Does music effect werewolves?  Many werewolves have reported that when they are trying to learn to manually transform, listening to music helps the process.  It is a means by which they are able to focus their thoughts and energies on one constant...
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