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Category: Technology
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Features information, support, and resources to learn about the digital lifestyle, including video, HDTV, voice and VoIP, broadband, bundles, and mobile services

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Podcast Episode's:
The Force is with You
The Force is with you.  Finally our minds can make objects move, on screen at least.  But let’s be honest, that’s still pretty cool. Mindwave Mobile is a headset that can read your brainwaves and send signals to IOS and Android devices.  The headset also comes with a number of games that are already programmed to [...]

Control in Motion
So, we’ve all heard of the Wiimote and Xbox Kinect.  The world is full of motion control devices for everyday.  But, for anyone who’s seen Iron Man 2 or the new Avengers movie, and admired Tony Starks free form motion control of his own computer, you know there’s more to aspire to.  The Leap is [...]

Fuel Cell
Smartphones eat a lot of juice, and by juice I mean battery power.  And if you have a smartphone, you know I’m right.  That’s why brookstone has taken a step towards alleviating at least part of the frustration that comes from this particular downside. They’re developing a fuel cell, which is really like a lighter, because [...]

More than Cardboard
So we’re used to tech being all cool, hip, and sleek.  But let’s be honest, things don’t have to be iPod white or iPhone shiny to be cool Ikea’s new cardboard camera is just what the doctor ordered.  Two AA batteries, 40 pic capacity, and the feel or recycled paper in your hands, priceless right?  No, [...]

Under Your Skin
Ok, so some people are really close with their cell phones, like really close, like they never ever go anywhere without them.  But, don’t you always want the option of leaving it behind. Well, Nokia is betting that a lot of people don’t want that option.  They’ve filed for a patent for a vibrating tattoo.  The [...]

At the Door
Smartphones have been able to read credit cards for awhile now, but Eventbrite is taking the ipad to a ticket office near you. The At the Door app allows the ipad to read cards and sell tickets not only through one convenient device, but through a single, organized, app as well.  The app keeps track of [...]

Programmable Meals
So you can do almost anything with a smartphone these days, but can you cook?  Well if you like rice, now you can. Panasonic’s SR-SX2 is a rice cooker that includes wireless connectivity that can be programmed into an android phone.  You can give all the directions your rice cooker needs from a downloadable app (thought [...]

The Dragon Capsule
Want to see inside one of America’s first private space ship? Space X has released some photos of it’s Dragon capsule, that was the first private capsule to dock with the international space station.  The capsule isn’t too close to the old Mercury days, as it will be able to carry seven, rather than one, astronauts [...]

Twist in HD
So you don’t own a Macbook.  I’m not judging, that just means your laptop may not have come with a built in web camera.  Well, there’s hope. The HD Twist is a $35 webcam that is made of silicone, meaning you can bend and twist the base to fit basically any monitor (even a laptop).  If [...]

Ready to Wear
Ready to wear your gadgets?  I’m not talking about clip on ipod cases, or specially designed ear buds, I’m talking about real life clothing and accessories; glasses, sweatshirts, dresses, the works.  It’s all on its way apparently. Some wearable technology is already here.  Take for example, the M-dress.  It’s a silk dress that also works as [...]

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