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Category: TV/Film
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Join filmmakers Mike Boas, John Vincent, and assorted guests in discussions of indie movies and how they're made. Email questions and comments to FEEDBACK(AT)MADDOGMOVIES.COM or visit our website at MADDOGMOVIES.COM/PODCAST

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Podcast Episode's:
mdm012 Michael Del Rossa
We talk make-up effects, drive-in movies, and the film business with Michael Del Rossa of Multivision FX. This episode was recorded in January of 2013, <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/167" title="mdm012 Michael Del Rossa">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm004c REPOST FOR IPOD Special Make-Up FX Video 2
I recently discovered that our video episodes haven’t been playing nice on the iPod and iPhone. After trying MOV and MP4 formats, I’m now reposting <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/115" title="mdm004c REPOST FOR IPOD Special Make-Up FX Video 2">[...]</a>
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

mdm004b REPOST FOR IPOD Special Make-Up FX Video 1
I recently discovered that our video episodes haven&#8217;t been playing nice on the iPod and iPhone. After trying MOV and MP4 formats, I&#8217;m now reposting <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/114" title="mdm004b REPOST FOR IPOD Special Make-Up FX Video 1">[...]</a>
Watch: vodcast - video/mp4

mdm010 Midnight Movies
Is now the time to recapture the glory days of midnight movies? Plus, is Hellboy II the latest film in a trend of eco-horror? Divine(?) <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/65" title="mdm010 Midnight Movies">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm009 Credits Credits Credits
At the end of every movie, hundreds of names zip by on the screen while audiences race to the restrooms. What do all those people <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/34" title="mdm009 Credits Credits Credits">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm008 Tribute to Stan Winston
We kick off with a discussion of the upcoming Definitive Document of the Dead from Roy Frumkes, then talk about our special effects hero, Stan <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/33" title="mdm008 Tribute to Stan Winston">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm007 Ballyhoo
We interviewed H.G. Lewis at the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival, so we discuss his films and the marketing of exploitation fare. John reminisces about Full Moon <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/32" title="mdm007 Ballyhoo">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm006 Storyboards and Zombies
A listener question sparks a discussion about storyboard software and creating animatics. Next we turn to the latest Romero zombie film, Diary of the Dead. <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/31" title="mdm006 Storyboards and Zombies">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm005 Smoking Laws
We discuss production, distribution, and music rights with writer/director Matt Ehlers. His new feature film, SMOKING LAWS, will be screening at the 2008 Rochester High <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/29" title="mdm005 Smoking Laws">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm004c Special Make-Up FX Video 2
John Vincent of Philrose Productions sculpts and casts a corpse mask, then begins work on mechanical elements. This is a video supplemental to episode 004. <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/22" title="mdm004c Special Make-Up FX Video 2">[...]</a>
Watch: vodcast - video/quicktime

mdm004b Special Make-Up FX Video 1
The crew at Philrose Productions make a head casting. This is a video supplemental to episode 004 of The MAD DOG MOVIES Podcast. View online <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/21" title="mdm004b Special Make-Up FX Video 1">[...]</a>
Watch: vodcast - video/quicktime

mdm004 Special Make-Up FX and the HVX200
John gives an overview of casting molds and sculpting make-up effects. (Watch this feed for our supplemental videos.) We also discuss an indie feature shot <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/20" title="mdm004 Special Make-Up FX and the HVX200">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm003 Music Rights and Getting Your Start
Listener feedback from around the world! Bones from Rochester asks about securing music rights for short films, and we do our best to answer. (Remember, <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/18" title="mdm003 Music Rights and Getting Your Start">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm002 Adventures in Distribution
Humor in horror, what it takes to get the right distribution, and the gore factor. Length: 18:13 http://www.maddogmovies.com/podmedia/mdm002-adventures-in-distribution.mp3 Download: mdm002-adventures-in-distribution.mp3
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm001 Start and Stop (Motion)
The premiere episode! After a brief introduction, we discuss the history of stop motion animation. Plus, our approach to special effects and the reasons we <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/16" title="mdm001 Start and Stop (Motion)">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

mdm000 Promo
The Mad Dog Movies Podcast covers the world of indie filmmaking. Go behind-the-scenes with hosts Mike Boas and John Vincent as they discuss special effects, <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="http://maddogmovies.com/podcast/archives/28" title="mdm000 Promo">[...]</a>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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