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Category: Technology
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McAfee Activate For a higher level of protection with advanced features, you can purchase the McAfee Antivirus Plus. With this, you get complete protection and some features that you might require to protect your system against powerful viruses.

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Podcast Episode's:
Google launched New Search Functions to help content marketer and PR’s to Find the Datasets they need
We are residing in the given information age and this information is built by building blocks called data. Due to the easy access to information obtainable on-line, most searchers want precise, particular data to back again their theories and analyses. The spectral range of searchers dropping under this ambit range between journalists to academics to […]

How to install McAfee Antivirus via mcafee.com/activate?
If you want complete security for your device, you should install McAfee antivirus software. The security software is the most recommended and trusted when it comes to safeguarding your devices from virus and malware. With a wide range in protection products, McAfee prevents data loss and secures the operating devices. It also prevents online frauds, […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have McAfee pre-installed for “anti-malware protection”
In a move that is bound to raise eyebrows, McAfee has announced at MWC 2019 that it is extending its partnership with Samsung to pre-install anti-malware protection powered by McAfee VirusScan onto the Samsung Galaxy S10. McAfee has partnered with Samsung previously, allowing the software security company to pre-install “anti-malware protection powered by McAfee VirusScan” […]

Samsung and McAfee team up to fight against Bloatware issues
What is Samsung’s initiative to combat against Bloatware in Smart TVs? Samsung recently partnered with McAfee antivirus to standardize the security features. The antivirus suite will come pre-installed in the Samsung smart devices. If you think it will be limited to Samsung smartphones, well that’s not a complete picture. The McAfee security application will also […]

It is common for harmful software to pose as innocent games or applications and gain entry inside your system. It is no new news that new ransom wares are released frequently. Any kind of ransomware is a threat to the user and the computer as well. Recently, a new version of ransomware was released which […]

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