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Category: Health
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Relationship and mental health - daily 60 minute program

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
MyNDTALK White Kids Dr. Margaret A Hagerman
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">American kids are living in a world of ongoing public debates about race, daily displays of racial injustice, and for some, an increased awareness surrounding diversity and inclusion. In this heated context, sociologist Margaret A. Hagerman zeroes in on affluent, white kids to observe how they make sense of privilege, unequal educational opportunities, and police violence.</div>

MyNDTALK A River Could Be a Tree Angela Himsel
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">From the time she was a young girl, Himsel believed that the Bible was the guidebook to being saved, and only strict adherence to the church's tenets could allow her to escape a certain, gruesome death, receive the Holy Spirit, and live forever in the Kingdom of God. ...&nbsp;Ultimately, the connection to God she so relentlessly pursued was found in the most unexpected place: a mikvah on Manhattan's Upper West Side. This devout Christian Midwesterner found her own form of salvation—as a practicing Jewish woman.</div>

MyNDTALK The Only Way Out is Through Dr. Gail Gross
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Dr. Gross helps each one of us navigate life’s transitions successfully. Listening to her is like sharing time with a longtime friend. Grief is hard - Gail helps you go through it&nbsp;</div>

MyNDTALK Forty Things I Wish I'd Told My Kids John Allcock
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">John shares some of the wisdom he shares with this child;Don’t be ruled by the tyranny of eventsThe belief that happiness comes from getting what we want is falsePain is unavoidable; suffering is optionalWe live in a sea of uncertainty ― but we already know how to swimYou will be energized by John's&nbsp;down-to-earth principles for livingthat every parent wants their kids to know.</div>

MyNDTALK Before and After Loss Dr. Lisa M. Shulman
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Neurologist Dr.&nbsp;Shulman describes a personal story of loss and her journey to understand the science behind the mind-altering experience of grief. ... This conversation combines Lisa's perspectives as an expert in brain science and a keen observer of behavior with her experience as a clinician, a caregiver, and a widow.</div>

MyNDTALK The Trans Generation Dr. Ann Travers
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Dr. Travers teaches us that from very early ages, some at two and three years old, trans children find themselves to be different from the sex category that was assigned to them at birth. How they make their voices heard—to their parents and friends, in schools, in public spaces, and through the courts—is the focus of today's conversation.</div>

MyNDTALK Failing Up Dr Barbara Hong
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">When people first meet Barbara Hong, they often conclude that her life must have always been enriched. They assume she had loving, successful parents and all the support she needed to reach her goals. Nothing could be further from the truth.&nbsp;</div>

MyNDTALK Expanding Sexual Literacy Dr Zelaika S Hepworth Clark
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Dr. Hepworth Clarke specializes in human sexualities, gender, and relational diversity, clinical and cultural sexology, African-centered social work, sexuality education, autoethnography, and Ọ̀ṣunality, an African-centered, sex-positive, post-colonial paradigm that affirms diversity in sensuality, sexual pleasure, and eroticism. Dr. Hepworth Clarke's passions include increasing critical thinking, sexual literacy, expanding self-awareness and self-reflexivity, empowerment, counter - oppressive discourses, unlearning colonial mentalities, decolonial considerations, mindfulness, justices (social, racial, erotic, epistemic, ecological etc.) and healing.</div>

MyNDTALK The Morgan Curve Keith Morgan
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">At a time when finding an African American man in the technical world of TV was fairly unique - Keith found himself working with the noted Ted Koppel of ABC-TV's 'Nightline'. While working there, Keith's curiousuty and his genius led him to discover what is now called the Morgan Curve. &nbsp;Don't miss this unique story about this unique finding from unique man!</div>

MyNDTALK Bipolar Children Dr Gabriel Kaplan
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Is it "just" a teenage mood swing, a fleeting moment of teenage angst or depression, or a fight at school, or bipolar disorder? Dr. Gabriel Kaplan helps us understand.</div>

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