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Category: Health
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Relationship and mental health - daily 60 minute program

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
MyNDTALK Men's MONDAY Dr Stephen P Hinshaw Another Kind of Madness
<div class="K2FeedIntroText"><div style="text-align: center;"><strong>Men's MONDAY</strong></div> <div style="text-align: center;"><strong>Every man has a journey he walks - Here is another...<br /><br /><br /></strong></div> <div style="text-align: center;">...Stephen Hinshaw never imagined that a profound secret was kept under lock and key for eighteen years within his family-</div> <div style="text-align: center;">that his father's mysterious absences, for months at a time, resulted from serious mental illness and involuntary hospitalizations."<br /><br /><br /><br />If you are a man or know a man with a story to tell&nbsp;<br />Contact us @ Booking@Gmail.org</div></div>

MyNDTALK Confidence and Joy Dr Elaine Fogel Schneider
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Co Author of Confidence &amp; Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences, Dr Elaine Fogel Schneider will offer&nbsp;practical tools to lead your child with learning differences to lifelong success—educationally, socially, and personally.</div>

MyNDTALK Fearing The Black Body Dr Sabrina Strings
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">There is an obesity epidemic in this country and poor Black women are particularly stigmatized as “diseased” and a burden on the public health care system. This is only the most recent incarnation of the fear of fat black women, which Sabrina Strings shows took root more than two hundred years ago. ..The author argues that the contemporary ideal of slenderness is, at its very core, racialized and racist. Indeed, it was not until the early twentieth century, when racialized attitudes against fatness were already entrenched in the culture, that the medical establishment began its crusade against obesity.</div>

MyNDTALK 5-30 A Real Time Dementia Story Jim Brown
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">A life truly well&nbsp;lived and being lived. &nbsp;With a working history in the communications&nbsp;industry of 50+ years, Jim has worked as a producer in radio, television&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;and podcasting. &nbsp;He has been an active administrator,&nbsp;instructor, trainer, mentor,&nbsp;consultant and community media activist.On May 30, 2019 Jim was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. &nbsp;Jim has chosen to share his story with&nbsp;the hope of shedding light, exploding myths and&nbsp;offering wisdom.</div>

MyNDTALK Innocence Lost Linda Gosson
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">The Story of a Vietnam Vet&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Dan's StoryHe lived a simple life - an innocent life. &nbsp;Graduated High School. &nbsp;And then the war. &nbsp;Listen to the story of a man who literally had his life taken away by his experiences in and out of the Vietnam War. &nbsp;Thankfully, today his life is better.&nbsp;</div>

MyNDTALK The Magic Feather Effect Melanie Warner
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">A fascinating look at how and why we&nbsp;believe what we&nbsp;believe. And the power of those beliefs!</div>

MyNDTALK The Skin Above My Knee Marcia Butler
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">The unflinching story of a professional oboist who finds order and beauty in music as her personal life threatens to destroy her.<br />Music was everything for Marcia Butler. Growing up in an emotionally desolate home with an abusive father and a distant mother, she devoted herself to the discipline and rigor of the oboe, and quickly became a young prodigy on the rise in New York City's competitive music scene.&nbsp;</div>

MyNDTALK Loving Bravely Dr Alexandra Solomon
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">Do you find yourself&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;wondering what's happening with your love life? &nbsp;Do you think you are giving yourself the love and care that will support your truly loving others? &nbsp;This conversation will help&nbsp;start you on the path towards loving yourself and others - in a way that will help foster your self-respect&nbsp;and self - compassion.&nbsp;</div>

MyNDTALK Breaking the Ruhls Larry Ruhl
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">&nbsp;A profoundly personal account of the impact of complex&nbsp;trauma on a man’s life. <br />Larry Ruhl’s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;father sought comfort from his only son, ... ―blurring critical boundaries that would prove deeply debilitating. Larry’s mother, with her spiraling, ever-changing mental illness kept the family in a constant state of anxiety. By the time Larry graduated from high school, overwhelming sadness and suicidal thoughts took root, plaguing him for decades...</div>

MyNDTALK Among The Reeds Tammy Bottner
<div class="K2FeedIntroText">In this biography&nbsp;Tammy Bottner delivers a true and moving family memoir. This meticulously written and researched account brings to life the horrific decisions Bottner’s grandparents had to make simply to survive. Through their monumental choices, Tammy Bottner's grandparents ensured the survival of their family and made their post-war reunion possible.</div>

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