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Category: Arts
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Welcome to the Dead Earth a zombie survival story that is part audio book, part audio drama and all sorts of flesh eating fun.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Dead Earth: Episode 6, Wyatt, 22 Days after the Rising, Series Finale
In the series finale, Wyatt struggles with hard choices, Hawkins makes the ultimate sacrifice and MJ makes an awkward revelation, altering the future of the Atlanta Survivors, forever.  Thanks to all the folks that waited five years for the entire series to drop! And for those of you that enjoyed it, hang in a little longer for the reboot, where we'll follow the real Vance Walker and his partner in crime, Josie James, as they escape the Fall in New Hollywood. The reboot will have not only the Deaders you've come to know and love, but also robots, tanks and a quirky group of D&D gamers called Initiative Check. Best of all? The entire series will release in less than a year. Bet.  Another huge and equally important thank you to all of the talents that made this series possible. A hearty and heartfelt bow of gratitude to Jacob Murphree, the voice of Vance Walker/Wyatt Benson, who was the singular point of consistency on this project. You are equally a rare talent and utterly hilarious, and we're humbled and honored that you got your start with us....five years ago. Also, Jules can't wait to start editing your tracks again, if only for the bloopers.  Another huge thank you to Aimee Henderson (Mary Jane Simmons), Sim Meavorn (John Hawkins, Pike) and Noëlle McHenry (Maxine Anders). There are not enough words in the English language to properly describe your talent and dedication. You guys are beyond phenomenal.  A special thanks to Austin Blake (Daisy) and Hunter Blake (Billy), who stepped in at zero hour to stretch their acting chops. You saved our butts, kiddos, and proved once again that anything and everything you touch turns to gold. So much love for you both!  Also thank you to our musical talent for bringing some soul to our modest little zombie western. Songs are listed in the order in which they appear in Episode 6:   Chicken Got No Head, River Foxcroft West of the Soul, River Foxcroft Dark Outlands, River Foxcroft Dust Bowl, Walt Adams Dark Tavern, Walt Adams The Bayou, Tigerblood Jewel Deadman's Rag, Matt Sowell And last but not least, the song that has become the Dead Earth anthem, Darkness by Gristle Boy. For more sweet tunes by this epic band, check out .  One last round of thanks to the rest of the talent that contributed to the show: Tyler Fultz (Annonver, Cherokee Cliff), Jonah M. Jackson (Lewis Rayborn, Episodes 5 & 6) and Michael Albin (Toby). Paul Warren (Narrator, Episodes 3-5), Taylor Rickets (Mary Jane Simmons, Episodes 1-4); Jared Wedd (Lewis, Episodes 1-4); Kalina Chambers (Billy, Episode 4); Naomi Fielding (Narrator, Episode 1); Cedric Houle (Narrator, Episode 2); Kathy Barnes, Dave Van Wormer and Mark Smith for taking the time to beta read the work (your insights are truly motivating and beyond valuable); Tracy and Alice for your constant support and for putting up with three (five) years of willful insanity and ceaseless BS. We love you!  *For a full list of cast and credits, please visit
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Dead Earth: Episode 5, Mary Jane, 22 Days after the Rising, Part 2
Vance and MJ meet Hawkins, Max and Billy. Skinners stalk the campgrounds. Hawkins uncovers a secret. 
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dead Earth: Episode 4, Mary Jane, 22 Days After The Rising, Part 1
Vance and MJ make their way to the cabins and discover an ominous warning. 
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dead Earth: Episode 3, Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 3
Vance, MJ and Lewis make contact with Cherokee Cliff. A young boy named Billy could be trapped near the watchtower. 
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dead Earth: Episode 2, Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 2
Vance, MJ and Lewis fight their way to the watchtower only to discover someone is living there.  
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Dead Earth: Episode 1, Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 1
Vance and MJ are on the hunt for food under the watchful eye of Lewis, while strange zombies known as Bleeders roam the forest. 
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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