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Category: TV/Film
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HorrorSexy is a collection of horror journalists, podcasters, artists, genre enthusiasts, and more. We aim to bring you a continuous flow of updates on upcoming movies, comics, TV shows, video games, as well as music and events.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 21 - Halloween Special - Ghostbusters/Lady in White/Fender Bender
Welcome to the HorrorSexy Halloween Special. This week on the show, we discuss Halloween, the month of October, and all of our little rituals and necessities for the month. This includes specific types of candy, movies, decorations, music and more! Also up for discussion are the new Blu-ray releases, including a feature review of Scream Factory's Fender Bender, and Lady in White. Vinyl and comic updates, as well as albums, the lack of Netflix updates in October, and plenty more talk of all things physical media. To round out the episode, we have a feature review of the new Ghostbusters 2016 Blu-ray. We missed covering it during its theatrical run, so we threw it in, since it was such a divisive movie, with so many varying opinions. Happy Halloween! Many thanks to Karissa for her SEXpert vocalization used in the HorrorSexy introduction and Videogram aka Magnus Sellergren for the use of the track “Regina dei Cannibali End Titles” off his first release entitled Videogram. You can purchase the full release of Videogram here: videogram.bandcamp.com/album/videogram Make sure to stop by DiabolikDVD to support physical media, independent horror business and region freedom. www.diabolikdvd.com/ For more HorrorSexy podcasts and content go to www.HorrorSexy.com and support our contributors who work tirelessly to bring you horror that will turn you on.
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