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Category: Society/Culture
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Stunning design Hindu wedding, wedding invitation cards made from a fine quality wooly paper by using silk screen printing. Avail fast delivery with 72 hours!

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Podcast Episode's:
Most Popular Invitation Card Printing Styles in the World | 123WeddingCards
The market is flooded with a plethora of printing methods/styles to beautify the wedding invitations. Each printing style has its own benefits and unique way of printing. Choosing a suitable printing method can be a tedious task for the people who have no idea about the available wedding invitations printing styles. So here are some [...]

A Quick A to Z Wedding Planning Glossary | 123WeddingCards
A to Altar and D for Designer Wedding Invitation, Here Are Terminologies to Help You Master the Lingo! You are a newly engaged bride and bide-groom and as you are now engaged, it is evident that you have to spend a lot of time with your wedding vendors. You have to do lots of wedding [...]

5 Creative Ways to Hide the Ring for a Valentine’s Day Proposal
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many people are preparing for one of the most exciting moments of their life — a marriage proposal! Use the following tips if you’re brainstorming a unique way to pop the question and sweep your partner off their feet. 1. Hide it in the dessert If you’re going [...]

Free Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline | 123WeddingCards
Planning a wedding is overwhelming as many things demand your attention at the same time. You can make the planning easier by having a wedding-planning checklist. It helps you take note of tasks that need to be done and their timelines. It would help if you started planning your for the wedding day as early [...]

Things You Need to Know about a Perfect Wedding Rehearsal | 123WeddingCards
Weddings are fun, but they can turn stressful too. There are times when you are perplexed as to how something would come alive during a real wedding ceremony. These compulsive thought cycles can leave you worried. But we have got a fix – a well-planned wedding rehearsal. A wedding rehearsal clearly includes two parts which [...]

Are You In A Healthy Relationship? Here are 7 Signs to Check
A perfect relationship, what it is, where it can be found and how one can find it? There have been so many philosophers; each of them has given their own definition of a perfect relationship. The interesting thing is that none of them has perfectly described, what is a healthy relationship? And no matter how [...]

The Best Ways for Grooms to Spend the Wedding Morning | 123WeddingCards
Marriages are special, there are grooms, there are brides, and there’s lots of happiness around. Have you ever wondered that while everybody is being busy in their work, what a groom must be doing on his wedding day? Wedding time is the merriest time of anyone’s life. There are so many things that you have [...]

123WeddingCards Holiday Sale – Save 40% on Wedding Invitation Cards
Getting married always gives a feeling of excitement. When the wedding ceremonies get blend with the magic of holidays, the excitement gets double. To plan a wedding during a holiday season is something that will let you spread your wings of creativity. During this double festival time when we have Christmas upon us and New [...]

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas That You Cannot Afford To Miss
All of us are going to witness the most spectacular time of the year, the holiday time. During the holiday time, we have many exciting occasions lying ahead of us.  From Black Friday to Cyber Monday and from Christmas to the New Year, we all will have plenty of reasons to celebrate your time like [...]

Ideas to Have a Classy Christmas Wedding | 123WeddingCards
Christmas time is near and it is the time for joy and it is the time for cheer. And when you have your wedding day decided during Christmas time, it would be a cherry on the cake. Since you have your wedding near Christmas, it is evident that you have lots of arrangements to do. [...]

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