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Category: Music
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Owen Bloom writes & records tunes, talks about music, tells stories about his life as a musician and dissects the greatest songs ever written with his peculiar stream-of-consciousness delivery, 5 days a week. Subscribe & rate, if you're kind!

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Banking On Your Cell Phone – Is It Safe?
Tips on Keeping Your Information SafeThere is a fear that using your cell phone to conduct your banking and credit card business may be risky. We would like to dispel any notion of a threat as long as you follow some basic rules which apply to banking on cell phones and as well as on your home computer or laptop.Use an App Where Possible!Most of the new smart phones, like the iPhone and the Android, have large application (apps) libraries which are created by the banks, credit card companies, and other parties interested in keeping your information safe. This is a sure way to avoid spoof emails and websites that appear to look like your bank, but are actually duplicates used to steal your information. Using this banking method is secure and usually guaranteed by your bank.Never Click a Link in an Email!Ever receive an email saying that your bank account password has been reset, hacked, or they need an update? Most likely, these are spoof emails which are phishing (100% fake) which are committing fraud trying to steal your information (it is a Federal crime). Banks avoid this by sending emails telling you to log into your bank account by typing the banks website address in the browser instead of using a link (in other words – they never put a link in your email). This way you are guaranteed to arrive at the correct website and not a spoof site. Spoofs occur daily all over the Internet, whether on a social network site, eBay, or your financial accounts. Avoid this by always typing in the website address of the site you would like to visit – to save time – use bookmarks.Avoid Texting Or Emailing Your InformationThere are rare instances when you need to send your sensitive bank account information to someone for a transaction, family emergency, and so forth. Either, find a quiet secluded place where no one can overhear you and speak them to the other party or family member. The other way, if necessary, is by sending two emails – never send all the information in one email. Send an account number in one and a routing number in a second email or maybe send it via text. Keeping your sensitive information in one place, whether written down or in a digital file, makes it easy for hackers to steal your information.The key is to keep the information secret whenever possible and always make it as difficult as possible for a hacker or thief to steal. In the end, it is just knowledge on safe practices – similar to the old days before digital banking and plastic cards. It is 100% safe to bank online – just follow the above steps and preferably have an anti virus program on your computer. Lastly, change your password every few months if not more, if you use the Internet often for banking and purchases.

Honor 8 Review: An Affordable Super Camera Phone
Dual-camera is been one of the main highlighting feature on many smartphones this year. Huawei started the trend with the P9 earlier this year and even Apple introduced one on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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