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Category: Music
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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Chasing Pavements – Adele
Title:  Chasing Pavements Artist: Adele File Type: Kar Chasing Pavements Lyrics Send “Chasing Pavements” Ringtone to your Cell Ad I’ve made up my mind, Don’t need to think it over If I’m wrong, I am right Don’t need to look no further, This ain’t lust I know this is love But, if I tell the [...]

Beautiful Liar – Beyonce
Title:  Beautiful Liar Artist: Beyonce File Type: Mid Beautiful Liar Lyrics Send “Beautiful Liar” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Ay! Ay! (Nobody likes being played) Ay! Oh, Beyoncé, Beyoncé Oh, Shakira, Shakira (Hey!) He said I’m worth it, his one desire I know things about him that you wouldn’t want to read about He kissed [...]
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Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title:  Californication Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers File Type: Kar Californication Lyrics Send “Californication” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Psychic spies from China Try to steal your mind elation Little girls from Sweden Dream of silver screen quotations And if you want these kind of dreams It’s Californication It’s the edge of the world And [...]

Anywhere For You – Backstreet Boys
Title:  Anywhere For You Artist: Backstreet Boys File Type: Kar Anywhere For You Lyrics Send “Anywhere For You” Ringtones to your Cell Ad I’d go anywhere for you Anywhere you asked me to I’d do anything for you Anything you want me to I’d walk halfway around the world For just one kiss from you [...]

Seasons In The Sun – Westlife
Title:  Seasons In The Sun Artist: Westlife File Type: Mid Seasons In The Sun Send “Seasons In The Sun” Ringtones to your Cell Ad [Kian:] Goodbye to you my trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and ABC’s Skinned our hearts [...]
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Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars
Title:  Versace On The Floor Artist: Bruno Mars File Type: Mp4 Versace On The Floor Lyrics Let’s take our time tonight, girl… Above us all the stars are watchin’ There’s no place I’d rather be in this world Your eyes are where I’m lost in Underneath the chandelier We’re dancin’ all alone There’s no reason [...]

Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore
Title:  Brick By Boring Brick Artist: Paramore File Type: Mid Brick By Boring Brick Lyrics Send “Brick By Boring Brick” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Well she lives in a fairy tale Somewhere too far for us to find Forgotten the taste and smell Of a world that she’s left behind It’s all about the [...]
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Do You Want To Know A Secret – Beatles
Title:  Do You Want To Know A Secret Artist: Beatles File Type: Kar Do You Want To Know A Secret Lyrics Send “Do You Want To Know A Secret” Ringtone to your Cell Ad You’ll never know How much I really love you You’ll never know How much I really care Listen, do you want [...]

My Strongest Suit – Spice Girls
Title:  My Strongest Suit Artist: Spice Girls File Type: Kar My Strongest Suit Lyrics Send “My Strongest Suit” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Overwear, underwear, anytime, anywhere Overwear, underwear, anytime, anywhere, ooh Now I believe in looking like my time on earth is cooking With polka-dotted stripes or even checks With some glamour guaranteeing every [...]

Naughty Girl – Beyonce
Title:  Naughty Girl Artist: Beyonce File Type: kar Naughty Girl Lyrics Send “Naughty Girl” Ringtone to your Cell Ad I love to love you baby I love to love you baby. I’m feelin’ sexy I wanna hear you say my name boy If you can reach me You can feel my burning flame I’m feelin [...]

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