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Category: Technology
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Podcast Episode's:
Technology News – Apple Maps is Newly Described on its Website
To err is only human, so is the case with Apple’s iPhone 5 Maps app that is subjected to error when locating places. With inundate of grievances surged on the omissions and errors that emerges in the new Maps app &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/news-media/technology-news-apple-maps-is-newly-described-on-its-website/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Computer Tips – Ways to Create a Batch File for Backing-Up Files or Folders
It becomes easy to move, copy, and backup any file if a simple batch file is created for backup files or folders. A text file when saved as a .bat extension it is a batch file. If you double click &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/tip-of-the-day/computer-tips-ways-to-create-a-batch-file-for-backing-up-files-or-folders/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Technology News – HP’s Gram Liberates Open WebOS 1.0
HP’s Gram, had been designing and developing the Open WebOS platform has come up with its new release of the Open WebOS 1.0, the current version. As reported by a technology news source, WebOS which was originally a venture of &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/news-media/technology-news-hp%e2%80%99s-gram-liberates-open-webos-1-0/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Facebook Friends to Exchange Real Gifts
Yesterday, out of the blue Facebook happened to add an exquisite Gift feature. The exclusiveness of this Facebook gift feature is that it allows users to send gifts to their social network friends. These gifts can include even cupcakes, coffee, &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/articles/facebook-friends-to-exchange-real-gifts/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Computer Tips – Create 10 Folders by Opening a Single File
At times we need to create multiple folders to store categorized files in a synchronized manner. But when in hurry, it is often wondered if multiple folders could have been created by a single click. It is actually possible and &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/tip-of-the-day/computer-tips-create-10-folders-by-opening-a-single-file/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Technology News – Computer Elucidates Critical Perception on Paintings
Benjamin Franklin has rightly claimed: Beauty, like supreme dominion; Is but supported by opinion.” But beauty is no more a contemplation of human mind as a computer algorithm has been developed which would be helpful for art interest holders as &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/news-media/technology-news-computer-elucidates-critical-perception-on-paintings/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Computer Tips – Without Minimizing, Access Windows Desktop Icons
In case the files you use the most and shortcuts are saved on the Desktop, you can have a quick access those icons by attaching a Desktop Toolbar to your Windows Taskbar. To do so, perform the following computer tips: &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/tip-of-the-day/computer-tips-without-minimizing-access-windows-desktop-icons/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Technology News – Facebook Sweeps-Off Bogus Accounts, Users, and Likes
Facebook has put into action its project that calls for a cleaning spree to eliminate anything redundant. With this cleaning spree into action Facebook is expelling phony users, accounts, as well as likes. Now onwards, most of dubious thumbs ups &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/news-media/technology-news-facebook-sweeps-off-bogus-accounts-users-and-likes/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Computer Tips – Set a Minimum Font Size of Browser in a Netbook
If you want to prevent a website from using an unreadable font size on your Netbook, the following computer tips can be of immense help. The browsers like Mozilla, Opera, and Chrome offers the option to configuration settings to set &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/tip-of-the-day/computer-tips-set-a-minimum-font-size-of-browser-in-a-netbook/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

Google Commemorates its 14th Anniversary with a Happy Birthday Doodle
Google doodles often celebrate important dates associated with great men and events. Today, the doodle celebrates Google and glorifies its 14th anniversary. Today, the search engine giant welcomes you with a birthday cake with 14 candles alit that blows off. &#8230; <a href="http://www.igennie.net/en/articles/google-commemorates-its-14th-anniversary-with-a-happy-birthday-doodle/">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&#8594;</span></a>

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