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Category: Business
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Building a team is what we do at BTFI. We are an arts-based Learning and Development Consultancy. We offer intelligent Team Building, Leadership Training, Culture Change programmes and Facilitation.

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Podcast Episode's:
Motivational Speaker - Jazz it up!
I have had the pleasure of seeing Motivational Speaker after Motivational Speaker strut their stuff. As with most things, some are extraordinary and others are not…yet. Who did you last observe being totally ‘in the groove’ with something? A team member, your manager, your partner, a TV chef, a singer, the window cleaner….? I find it fascinating to watch – so connected with the activity, so elegant and so committed. Have you watched anyone recently and noticed they were NOT in the groove? The experience is very different: clunky, dis-connected and stilted. Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/motivational-speaker-jazz-it-up
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Team Events - The power of curiosity
You may have been on a team event in the past where your experience was similar to this: a date is put in your diary, you are told you need to be there, you have a vague understanding of why, you turn up and ‘it’ happens to you. You are an observer rather than a participant. I have heard terrible tales in organisations that this kind of thing still happens. Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/team-events-the-power-of-curiosity
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Team Communication - Dancing near the edge
It’s a fact, when there is a lack of team communication and connection, making an impact and getting stuff done becomes much much harder. The problem with having a background in music and performance is that I tend not to always just enjoy performances for what they are. I want to unpick them and understand what it is that works and what it is that would make it more extraordinary. Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/team-communication-dancing
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Leadership - You are always performing
I believe that you only do it once. Yes that’s right, once is enough! More than that would be sheer stupidity. I mean, why on earth would you allow yourself to make that same mistake twice, or even three times?! Ha! Not me, no not me…. You see, I did it once. I remember it all too well. I was on stage, in front of 3000 paying people and yes, I forgot my words. Blank. No clue what was next. Not the faintest idea. I managed to fill the next 15 seconds (that felt like 15 weeks) with my own rendition of ‘sha mana hana ha…….’ Classic. Much to the amusement of the other 20 people on stage. Yep. I screwed up! Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/leadership-always-performing
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Leadership - Going Beyond
We are fascinated by extraordinary Leadership. We don’t believe that any Leader or organisation can remain contented with good! Well, of course you can…if you want to! Who are we to say what you should or shouldn’t do?! We have an opinion though, based on our experience and insights into some of the organisations that achieve ‘extraordinary’ things and those that don’t. Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/leadership-going-beyond
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Building a Team - And Breathe Now
In my work across organisations, I notice that many people, when building a team – a brand spanking new team or simply continuing to drive an existing team through to extraordinary – tend to get lost inside their own heads (sometimes their backsides!) thinking about why it isn’t working and why aren’t others doing this or that and believing that ‘Fred has always been a pain in the butt anyway!’ Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/building-a-team
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Leadership - OCD or Just Extraordinary
Sometimes I feel like I need to be the facilitator of my own thoughts and take on a leadership role in my own head. Does that make any sense? I bet you, like me, know how it is when we get lost deep within our own minds and almost none of it seems to piece together or make any sense? Right? Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/leadership-ocd-or-just-extraordinary
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Team Communication - Three Top Tips for Effective Feedback
If people are the lifeblood of any organisation, team communication is the heart that pumps the blood around the body. Without effective tools for facilitating quality communication, everything grinds to a halt and, ultimately, no organisation can exist for long after team communication has stopped working. It’s easy to think that the human race is born to communicate, with great techniques built-in to every single person. However, certain situations make our ability to convey messages particularly weak. One of these situations is giving feedback on ideas, productivity, or how somebody carries out their work. Here are my top three tips for feedback that leaves everybody feeling motivated. Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/team-communication-three-top-tips
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Building a Team - Not Everyone Can Sing the Tune
I am forever asked the question, ‘We are building a team, so how do you think we should best do it?’ Firstly, a brilliant question to ask. My response? Look at some of the brilliant teams that exist, and model how they do it. That sometimes feels like a cop out. Can it really be that straightforward? At BTFI, we have a framework and model, that works, for helping leaders build extraordinary teams… Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/building-a-team-singing
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Motivational Speaker - What Should You Look for in a Speaker
Whether you are looking for a speaker to deliver motivational speeches at your staff conference, do an on-site visit or speak at a company event, finding the right person for the job can feel like a bit of a guessing game. There are many people out there offering their services, but being absolutely sure of what you are getting is difficult without hearing one of their motivational speeches for yourself. Read more: http://buildingateam.co.uk/motivational-speeches
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Building a Team - BTFI story
Buildingateam are part of BTFI Limited. No, we are not the British Turtle & Frog Institute. BTFI stands for going beyond self-imposed limitations and excelling yourself in the most committed and compelling way. This story explains what BTFI means... Read more http://buildingateam.co.uk/about-us/what-does-btfi-mean
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