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Category: Health
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The latest in human performance and human potential

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Podcast Episode's:
How Lifestyle Controls Your Genes And Disease
In today’s show we look at how your genes are primarily controlled by your lifestyle and the decisions you make each day.  From stress, food, and your perception of the world, we give you practical ways in which you can turn on the favourable genes and turn off the cancer genes.  Enjoy the show.  www.mikedaciuk.com […]

3 Health Tips To Help You Age Gracefully
In today’s show we look at telomeres, health tips to help you age well and some supplements that I recommend for nice skin, hair and overall vitality.  Billions of dollars are spent each year on anti-aging products and plastic surgeries when you can help yourself with the proper lifestyle and natural supplements.  Enjoy the show […]

How To Manifest What You Want In Life
Today we look at four key areas that affect your values and beliefs.  People struggle with determining what they want in life and they do so because of their thought process and how they view the world.  This is manifested subconsciously but plays out every single day of your life.  Learn how you can control […]

In today’s show, we look at the different strains of Marijuana, what it does to your body, the classes of the drug, the differences between THC and CBD, and my opinion on it.  This is a very controversial topic that will be discussed in depth in the coming years.  Enjoy the show.  www.mikedaciuk.com Check out […]

Powerful Herb For Immune System
Today we look at a major herb from China that is used to help the immune system, lung capacity and endurance.  It has been used for many years with excellent documented results.  I wanted to pass it along to my team so they can have another option at their disposal.  Enjoy.  www.mikedaciuk.com. Check out this […]

Cell Phones And Cancer
Today we look at the use of EMF and WIFI devices and their impact on health.  Why have we seen such an increase in brain cancer and inflammation in people?  We look at why EMF poses a problem for the cells of the body, how we can mitigate the risk and what will happen if […]

Alternative Tests For Moody, Unhappy And Overactive Children
Today we look at Alternative Tests you can run on your children if they are showing signs of being unhappy, moody or overactive.  Standard care is to label them with a diagnosis and put them on medication which can have serious long term consequences.  We look at testing that can be done to get to […]

How To “Heal” Anxiety Naturally
In this episode, we look at what anxiety is, how it is currently being treated, the side effects of medication, ways to heal naturally and some excellent tips to leading a better life.  We have seen patients experience this condition many times in our practice and it can be crippling.  Enjoy the show.  www.mikedaciuk.com Check […]

Best Kept Secret In Health
This naturally produced milk available in supplement form as well is incredible for the immune system, athletic performance, producing IGF 1 and enhancing probiotics.  If you want to heal your leaky gut and keep your body feeling great, then I highly recommend colostrum.  It is really effective and nature’s secret.  Enjoy the show.  www.mikedaciuk.com   […]

Best Ratio Of Food Groups For Weight Loss
Today we look at what foods to avoid, when to eat them and the combination of macro-nutrients.  We discuss what you should have for breakfast, intermittent fasting and foods that cause serious issues for you.  You will be surprised at what you hear.  Enjoy the show and check us out daily for the latest in […]

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