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Category: Technology
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Acebyte Knowledgebase provides help, supports and tips for its PC optimizing tool Acebyte Utilities.

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Podcast Episode's:
How to protect privacy on Win 7 with Acebyte Utilities
Today we want to talk about that how to protect privacy.  A lot of people confused that I have saved my privacy in my computer, so did I still need to use tools to protect that? The answer is:”Yes!” In my opinion maybe no one can ensure that your computer will never be stolen, the [...]

MacBook Air or XPS 12 Convertible Touch Screen Ultrabook
Recently, Dell have launched a very cool product: XPS 12 Convertible Touch Screen Ultrabook. The price will be more than MacBook Pro and have more than MacBook Air. MacBook Air was sold on the basis of their long battery life, and XPS 12 Convertible Touch Screen Ultrabook focus and multi-usage and it play is originality. [...]

How to Uninstalled Programs on Windows XP
Today we want to talk about How to Uninstalled Programs on Windows XP! Sometimes we will accord our personal need to download some software. Sometimes we have to uninstall some software according to the computer. Normally we do no longer need it, we will promptly uninstall it, But sometimes the time is long we all [...]

Acebyte Utilities help you to easily clean up a Broken Shortcut in the Win 7
Many software uninstall often doesn’t sync delete it create shortcuts, and in the system and some we manually create a shortcut, so with the passage of time, useless shortcuts in the system will be more and more, this time will affect the system running speed and appearance. If manually one by one to find and [...]

My computer slow down what should I do
When our computer slow down, we would be lost! Even if the countless times to restart also of no help. Maybe you can reinstall system, but have you ever thought if the data is lost in the process of reinstall system or need a lot of time to reset some options will not do more [...]

Why need Registry Cleaner Software
When our computer is slow we will began to pay attention to clean up our computers. You’ll be asked to clean up the computer to where to begin? Registry! Clean Register! Registry is a core of the Windows operating system registry database, containing the various parameters, direct control on the Windows startup, hardware driver is [...]

7 items can slow down your computer or laptop
What is the case can slow down your computer or laptop such as spyware, malware and viruses, which your computer will pick up. You should also consider the fact that if your computer is getting old and software is getting outdated, this too will inhibit your PC from doing what it is supposed to. Even [...]

Defrag Hard Disk to Make PC Run Faster by Acebyte Utility
The Disk Defragment tab has tools that fix errors in your disks, then tools that get rid of files and file fragments cluttering up your hard drive. System Cleaner looks for files you don’t need any more, such as files that have been left unused for a while in temporary folders. It also tracks down [...]

How to Delete Duplicated Files
Even your delete your the files but the residual files still be save in your PC. As the copied files to different disks in your computer. When your check your PC, you will find duplicated file on your computer, and actually there are plenty of duplicated files in everyone’s computer. The duplicated files is a [...]

How to optimize network with Acebyte Utilities
Acebyte Utilities provides many tools to diagnose issues and maintain your computer’s performance. Network Optimizer is one of these features. It combines several networking environment and link network mode into one option for the user’s convenience. The Network Optimizer is hidden in “Deep Scan” model.  With the click of just one button, this tool erases [...]

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