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Category: Business
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The Livelihood Show interviews pathfinders who are re-imagining and re-creating their professional identities, and developing personal career paths that are productive and fulfilling

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Podcast Episode's:
Willy Walker: Real-World Risk-Taker
William “Willy” Walker is the chairman, president and CEO of Walker & Dunlop, a 76-year-old company that is the tenth largest commercial mortgage lender in the United States. The company was co-founded by his grandfather in 1937. For most people, joining the family business right after college would have been the automatic choice. But when Willy received his MBA from Harvard, he took a daring, unexpected detour.

Trina Sargalski: Cooking up a Path to a New Career
Trina Sargalski grew up in Miami.  She transitioned from a career in education to a career as a freelance writer and radio producer/reporter.  She shares with us the personal career path she’s developed that incorporates her passions for “good food and good stories.”

Danny Scheurer and Kurt Walchle on Livelihood Show
Danny Scheurer founded Save-A-Vet after returning home to Illinois with disabilities sustained while serving in Iraq. Save-A-Vet helps dogs injured on military or law enforcement duty by hiring veterans to care for and manage them. The group, says Danny, has three objectives: “Create facilities in every state for our K-9 partners; hire retired, injured or […]

Miami International Bookfair: Author MJ Rose
Our guest is PR expert MJ Rose, who left advertising to become a novelist– only to find that the key to her success as a successful writer would draw upon the corporate skills she thought she was leaving behind. Have you ever been blown off with the criticism “That’s not how we do things around […]

Dr. Gaby Cora: Well-Being Psychiatrist and Wellness Coach
Livelihood guest Dr. Gaby Cora believes that people can avoid burn out by anticipating stress and building daily reserves by continually recharging our energy.

Michelle Villalobos and the “Uh Oh” Experience
Today’s guest, Michelle Villalobos, rewires the uh oh experience.  In her world, those moments of dismay can serve as early signals. They let you know that the path you’re on will no longer take you where you hope to go. Uh oh is the sound of waking up, and realizing that something unexpected is happening. […]

Dorie Clark: Strategic Communications
If you can imagine your future, you can create it. Dorie Clark, who writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review, describes the essential elements for this process:  insightful self-inventory;  awareness of your unique and essential values;  crafting a new narrative.

Dr. Dan Lobovits: Finding inspiration and optimism from trauma, illness and ageing
Psychologist Dan Lobovits wasn’t seeking change. He had a satisfying career helping people and communities deal with the emotional impact of trauma. An accomplished marathoner, his Twitter profile describes him as “ loving my work wife, kids, dog, gardening, bread making, beachwalks, and of course, yoga”. As his parents and their generation encountered the ageing […]

Trisha Torrey – Patient Advocate*
When a medical crisis happens to us, to or to someone we love, we find ourselves literally in a fight for our lives with little time for preparation or negotiation. We struggle to come up to speed on a disturbing new vocabulary, a complex set of decisions with unpredictable outcomes, decisions about the costs of health care that can bankrupt a family.

Paul Tieger Shows Us How to ‘Do What You Are’
How do you make your Livelihood decisions? It’s a decision that affects everything in our future, not just how we spend 50 weeks a year, but often the neighborhood in which we choose to live, how much money we’ll get to make and who our friends are going to be. Career planning is often delegated […]

Jodi Johnson Action Coach!
Have you planned your summer vacation yet? Why not? Is it because business is keeping you busy? Being a business owner is more than owning your own business. It’s having the freedom to go on vacation with your family and having your business run without you.

Victoria Cerrone with Ports of Cause
When most people think of sustainable or “green” design, we imagine solar energy and rain water harvesting. We usually don’t think of mega-yachts and Monte Carlo –yet there is a natural and unexplored opportunity.

Barbara Beach and the RadioActive Broadcasting Network
Have you heard the expression: what doesn't kill me makes me stronger? I think that’s what Barbara Beach had in mind when she launched RadioActive Broadcasting Network.

Ellen Bristol: Fundraising Guru
An artist is a person who creates, practices or demonstrates their creative talent through performance. Realists, says the Urban Dictionary, are the people who understand what needs to be done, and who do it to make the world a better place. Think about your personal career path. When were you an artist, with your talent […]

Nina Kaufman with the Million Dollar Road Map!
What happens when you realize that you're the bottleneck inhibiting your business's growth and profitability? Nina Kaufman is a business attorney and small business champion who caught my attention with her Checklist for Small Business Owners.

Rhonni Dubose
Do you believe that life is (a) a set of circumstances one makes the best of, or (b) that life is a result of choices one has made? Today’s guest, Rhonni Dubose asks this question to every person she interviews. She is a Festival Professional, who has crafted a career as an entrepreneur within the world of outdoor theme parks known as Renaissance Festivals.

Catharine Bramkamp – Are You A Role Model?
Everyone in life has a purpose,…even if it’s to serve as a bad example. In the burgeoning world of coaches, consultants and mentors, what should we look for when we assess the value of our role models?

Diana Robinson of Graebel and C.R.E.W Atlanta
Diana Robinson, lived in 8 places between the ages of 6 and 14 as she was growing up as a child in a military family. She’s had 18 addresses, so far, she says. “I am like the “Morton Salt of moving” she tells me.. “ when it rains, it pours!”

Darell Hammond of Kaboom
Darell Hammond read a story in the Washington Post about two local children who suffocated while playing in an abandoned car because they didn’t have anywhere else to play. Darell realized this tragedy could have been prevented.

Livelihood Presents: Jennifer Bradley
Jennifer Bradley is a fellow at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and the co-author of The Metropolitan Revolution (Brookings Press, 2013). The book, and her work in general, explain the critical role of metropolitan areas in the country’s economy, society, and politics. Jennifer has written for The New Republic, the Atlantic Monthly, and Democracy.

Steve Rothschild: Good Work as a Strategic Plan
Nonprofit leaders know that solving pervasive social problems requires passion and creativity as well as tangible results. The The Non Nonprofit: For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success shares the same business principles that drive the world's best companies, showing how they can (and should) be applied to the realm of nonprofits. Steve Rothschild personally crossed sectors when he left corporate America to […]

Ken Tucker and The Leadership Triangle
The Miami Book Fair is a place for bringing new ideas, and the book that Ken Tucker has written with Kevin Ford called The Leadership Triangle, Three Gifts that Will Change the Way you Lead, does just that.

Success Freaks Charles McFall and R. Mordant Mahon
Our guests, Charles McFall and Mordant Mahon, call themselves Success Freaks, Success Ninjas and Comedic Motivational Speakers. They have some energizing ideas that can help us build capacity for sustainable achievement using focus, honesty and laughter.

Estrellita Sibila: Leadership Entrepreneur and Creator of Philanthrofest
What do you get when you combine philanthropy with a festival?  Philanthro-fest. Philanthrofest is an all day outdoor Miami street festival promoting over 100 organizations, with causes ranging from Guitars over Guns Organization, also known as G.O.G.O.  to Americans for Immigrant Justice to urban gardens producing fresh produce in the inner city. How did volunteerism and […]

Diana Daffner: Intimacy Retreats
Remember the intensity of locking eyes across a crowded room? Diana Daffner and her husband Richard do, and they believe that this “simultaneous energy exchange” is how couples deepen their connection to each other.

Kat Albrecht: Missing Pet Partnership
Kat Albrecht was an experienced police officer, cross trained in search and rescue procedures. One day her partner—a bloodhound named A.J. —went missing. He wasn’t “just a dog”- with years of training and experience, he was a valuable asset to the search and rescue team. Anyone who has partnered with a working dog, and anyone who has bonded with a pet as a member of their family, knows that the connection between people and their animals is strong.

Pathfinders Colleen Robb (MEDSHARE) and Anne B. Freedman (WOWPitch) on Networking
How would you know if the contact for your next great opportunity happened to be living across the street? How would someone who is looking for someone just like you realize that you are sitting just two tables away at Starbucks?

Ella Schutt and Dr. Henry Presnal: Pet Trusts and Lifelong care
What would happen to your pet if you were incapacitated or died? According to a recent report by the BMO Retirement Institute, 61% of Americans own a pet. Of these pet ‘owners”, 87% consider pets to be a “family member”, and 77% feel it’s important to make arrangements for their ongoing care in the event […]

Charles Regal: Pet Mediator
For many couples, the bond they have with their pets turns out to be more enduring than the one they made with their spouse or domestic partner. When a couple breaks up, what becomes of their dog, cat, horse or rabbit? If courts and attorneys get involved, the only certainties are high stress and high […]

Dennis Kalodish and Alicia Chipy: Therapy Dog Workers
Meet Dennis Kalodish and Alicia Chipy who train and partner with therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are professional visitors, making their rounds in hospitals, nursing homes and rehab centers.

Joan Froling: Dog Trainer, Consultant and Author
In contemporary work settings, people and dogs are finding new work related partnerships. Specially trained service dogs make it possible to pursue a livelihood despite a disability that impacts mood or mobility. 

Food Entrepreneurs: Panther Coffee, Tiny but Mighty Popcorn and Scrumptious Pantry
Consumers seek affordable luxuries even as they trim their budgets elsewhere. Food entrepreneurs are paying attention, and the recent Good Food Festival in Chicago brought together thousands of growers, chefs, marketing companies, buyers and consumers.

Peggy Bass: Dancing with Horses
Peggy Bass was growing up, her passion for horses was a completely unexpected event in her family. She didn’t grow up on a farm, or on a ranch.

Brian Phelan and Dean Mike Hampton: Taking Hospitality in a New Direction
This is the high season in South Beach Florida, and we revel in the festivals that take advantage of our sunshine and mild winter weather.  Last week’s event was the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.  We attended the festival and met up there Dean Mike Hampton.  He’s the Dean of Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Jeremy Houghton: Sommelier
Jeremy Houghton is a trained chef. Some of his favorite culinary experiences have been in Alaska and New Mexico where he has cooked bear, antelope, elk and moose. He wanted something more. He decided to go back to graduate school—studying wine and earning level two certification as a sommelier.

Robert Fass: Many Measures of Success
Professionals like Robert Fass are leading the way to an innovative definition of a professional identity in which how we work, when and where we work is up to us.

Marcy Rosenbaum: Meet the Host of Livelihood Show
This week on Livelihood Show, host Marcy Rosenbaum presents a career navigation strategy that rides change instead of trying to manage it.

Barry Nierenberg: Well-Being as a Personal Performance Objective
“How’s work going for you these days?” Psychologist Barry Nierenberg, is a professor who runs the Study Center for Positive Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. Positive psychology is the science of well-being. You don’t have to wait around to be ‘empowered’—you can make well-being is an essential personal performance objective whether you work for someone […]

Larry Powell: Dream It Or Live It– The Choice is Yours
This week, our guest is Larry Powell from San Antonio,Texas. He has experience as an employee– his most recent corporate role was Vice President of Human Resources at the Psychology Corporation in San Antonio, Texas.

Rex Knowles and Sherry Landrum: Improvisation and Career Navigation
What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Rex Knowles and Sherry Landrum have an answer to the question. How do they know this? They teach the skills of improvisation.

Michael Dobson: Why Not: The Key to Career Reinvention
What do Dungeons and Dragons; the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum; and the creation of the Good Samaritan Medal all have in common? Our guest this week, Micheal Singer Dobson!

Zen Master Jeff Kitzes Asks: “Whose Path Am I On?”
Are you stuck in a rut? Are you unhappy in your job? So are a majority of employees, even those who feel fortunate to have a job. This week our Livelihood host Marcy Rosenbaum and guest Zen Master Bon Soeng (Jeff Kitzes) discuss what you can do when you feel you’re living someone else’s plan for your life. Enjoy this week's inspirational show.

Adam Liss: Using Breathing and Attention as Career Navigation Tools
In order to build a successful and satisfying personal career path, we need to be paying attention. What’s going on around me? How am I doing? What do I want?

Creative Career Path: Warrior Diplomat. Meet Drew Borsz
Join our conversation this week with Drew Borsz, whose career path took him outside the usual business world. Imagine this as your resume: Special Forces Green Beret. Senior Noncommissioned Officer/Senior Communications Sergeant on an “A Team” in the Middle East.

Ernie Urquhart. “It is what it is”.
Ernie Urquhart, built a career by making choices, not waiting to be chosen. And when he found his path hidden by unplanned and unexpected events, he found a way to continue to tell his personal career path story. Ernie’s a role model for the facing the truth and finding the personal meaning inside the story. Learn more about Urquhart's story by listening to this week's podcast!

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