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Category: Business
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Well, in this case the necessity to add 'honest’ to the name of this blog says something very important about the vending industry - honesty is somewhat of a rarity.

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Podcast Episode's:
DEX Utilization Paired with Vending Management Software
Somewhere between 84 and 87% of the vending business is comprised of smaller mom and pop shops. This should come as no surprise, as vending offers an entrepreneur an opportunity to make great money with a minimal investment, a flexible schedule, and an all cash business. And contrary to what a lot of people may [...]

Soft Drink News Water Report
Over the last several years, the bottled water industry has exploded as more and more people have decided that they prefer to drink their water out of a bottle. One of the things fueling this explosive growth is the ever-increasing number of people who have turned their backs on tap water and installed bottled water [...]

The School Soft Drink Vending Business
You want to profit in the high 30% neighborhood? Well if your answer is yes, get off of your butt and start cold calling schools and handing out your brochures and cards. Kids are great consumers, if they have $10 in their pockets they spend it, if they have $50 in their pockets they spend [...]

Soft Drink Vending Machine Distributors
Full-Line Vending Machines Most, but not all, but most manufacturers sell exclusively through licensed vending machine distributors; these distributors usually handle a single state or region. A licensed vending machine distributor is a company that handles one or more lines of equipment for the manufacturer. These companies usually do not know much more about the [...]

Soft Drink Vending Machine Placement
If you are planning to build a vending business, you have to learn how to turnover leases. All you have to learn is two things; How to find high volume locations that are unsatisfied with their vendor How to get a location’s GM’s “John Hancock” on the dotted line What to look for before you [...]

The History of Coin Operated Equipment
In 1902, a completely coin-operated restaurant called Horn & Hardart opened in Philadelphia. Their doors stayed opened until 1962. All of the food was made on the premises and vended through heated and cold little glass windows that housed the food. This concept is being revived now by a new Asian company. They have stores [...]

Soft Drink Vending Machine Evolution
Before the little green bottle or our coveted plastic landfill item, there were only paper-cups dispensed by small machines that are now collector items; these cups were filled by a crude delivery device after the customer deposited five-cents. Bottlers invented the modern day vending route by placing the machines in all sorts of locations, such [...]

The Birth of Water Vending Machines & OWS
When water vending was rolled out it took the world of vending by storm. And almost every office in the US and Canada has a water cooler.  That equals high profits, therefore vending machine companies have added bottled water service to their routes; this service is referred to as (OWC) office water service. Most Americans [...]

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